Sunday, January 10, 2010

Romancing the Walk : Ferns, Fungus and Furry Faces

We went for a three mile loop hike at Pulgas Ridge this morning. It’s part of the Mid-Penninsula Open Space preserve here in the San Francisco Bay area.

It’s just off Edgewood Road in San Carlos, near the 280 freeway. On the other side of Edgewood you can also hike in the county park. But dogs aren’t allowed there. Even though my pooches are no longer hike-able I still like to go where the dogs go.

January seemed kind of bleak. The last time I hiked here was fall and there were lots of bright colored berries and foliage then. Then I noticed the ferns.

and then the tiny, tiny fungus. There were tons of little mushrooms as well as other little saprophytic plants and other biota. I bet these mini-environments probably seem pretty big to somebody!

There were also a lot of happy dogs.

I put more ferns, fungus and furry faces photos on MegRose's flickr id

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