Monday, January 11, 2010

Hooping: Yes, it's coming along!

Yep, I'm still hooping. I do it most days of the week and have gotten my typical session up to 50 minutes! It's been hard to move from 40 minutes to 45 then 50. I still log each attempt but I haven't been putting the data into excel. So I have little pieces of paper all around the house with dates and little grids on them... I know one day I managed to do over 2,000 without stopping and that was 25 minutes of non-stop. A few other times I've done over 1,000 but until I compile all those bits of paper I won't really remember which were 1200 and which were 1500 plus! Mostly I do manage 200- 400 plus swings before the hoop drops and that makes me happy!

I also started taking a six week rec center hooping class. It's a little intimidating because the other women in the class seem to acquire physical skills very quickly. The one person to whom it was new had it down about half way through the class. It took me a week to manage to do what she did. Still I did make some advances in the first class in terms of moving around while doing it. I'm sure it will help me to learn more. Frankly I feel brave just going to the class.

I'm particularly happy that I have something to do that makes me really SWEATY and yet still doesn't hurt my knees at all. Even better is having the nice endorphin rush during the day. It's nice to just feel happier.

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