Sunday, January 3, 2010

Romancing the Birds

I'm feeling a little sad that my neighbors husband is back from the holidays, because I no longer have an excuse to go over nightly to shut the chickens coop door and chat with the feathery girls. The company of chickens really grow on you. Fully grown birds, raised and cared for by someone else are probably the most appealing. We really don't want the responsibility of more creatures. Still I enjoyed their company a lot.

Also I enjoyed the beautiful presents they left me in the coop most days! As I recently told my sister, I don't actually enjoy cooking but I like to eat good food. I made

a) Zabaglione with delicious Costco blackberries. They come from Mexico at this time of year. They used lots of yolks - I think I'll use Frangelico next time instead of Marsala.

b) German Apple Pancake. We make that a lot but it was extra tasty with those eggs.

c) Pear Souffle. This was the most delicious. It used seven whites and two yolks. I think I'll make some English style custard with the leftover yolks. But I am so sick of cooking, I'm going to hold off.

d) Macaroons - They take up leftover whites but I didn't want to fuss around making them properly and they were a little too rich.

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