Monday, November 30, 2009

Meg Rose HOOPS: I'm getting there!!!

I've been logging all hooping activity since I last posted the day before Thanksgiving. I'm not going to put up my whole log here (who would read that?) but have included just a sample for the last few days, because I'm so pleased at my improvement by my 11'th session.

And maybe it will give some hope to somebody starting out, because perhaps it's as gosh durned hard for them to learn as it has been for me.I'm definitely learning to recover the hoop when it starts to move down from my waist. Also learning to straighten my torso more when I get up to about 20 or 30 range. Which feels good and seems like it both helps the hooping and my posture work.

11'th hooping session TODAY 30 minutes (at least) 3 sets of double arm hooping 24 instances of HIGH SUCCESS hooping (more than 10) an average of 41.75 twirls/high success - helped along by once doing 130 and another time 170! (plus several other high counts)

10'th hooping session YESTERDAY - a very good day - 30 minutes (at least) 2 sets double arm hooping 17 HIGH SUCCESS an average of 25.24 twirls/high success

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