Friday, April 10, 2009

Heading Out to Alcatraz

During Passover, Alan and I took the ferry to Alcatraz. I love the hiking on Angel Island so much, that I never thought about going to the miniscule Rock, though I've lived in the Bay Area for over thirty years. I took 139 pictures in two and a half hours and would have taken three times that many if we hadn't parked in a four hour zone back in San Francisco. Though we snuck in a small bit of gardens and birds, we mostly focused on the audio tour of the prision itself. It's really well done, self-paced and interactive. It's also a photography paradise. I don't know how many light and line photos I took of ceiling grids, cell blocks and gun galleries. Bars everywhere, silhouetted against huge openness. We're planning to go back maybe in June to see all the things we missed. More gardens, more focus on the native occupation, more bird observation, and even more history.

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