Monday, March 30, 2009

Baby Sally, Puff and Tim

I was waiting for my daughter to finish up her finals at Cal Poly and taking a lot of walks into downtown San Luis Obispo. Lo' and behold I found a Beverly's Fabric Store. Hot dog! 

I was pretty excited when I found this fabric because I learned to read with Dick and Jane and I remember the story depicted on this bag where "Mother" sews a new blue dress for Baby Sally and then Jane copies this activity. I'm a substitute teacher, so I created a lunch bag with this memorable fabric. Inside I interfaced and used some scrap pieces from a  dish towel as lining. Also a piece of oilcloth scrap lines the base for a nice stiff sit-down. I've made similar bags that I lined completely with oilcloth scrap. The handles are small pieces of drapery cord, which I keep around to use when I make drawstring backpacks. I sew a piece of grosgrain ribbon across their rough ends on the inside, and put my name and phone number on them in case I forget them in somebody's classroom.

I like giving this kind of bag as a present, maybe with some muffins inside. People can then use it as a regiftable gift bag or keep it for something. My sister uses her prototype of this bag to carry around cds.

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